Are you riding the martech wave, or being pulled under it?


In a hyper-connected world and hyper-competitive digital landscape, a new martech tool seems to come out almost every day, promising more value, higher returns, and greater automation. The growth is exponential — from a mere few hundreds in 2011 to almost 7,000 this year.


Marketing technology, or martech as it’s commonly termed, is simply the marriage of marketing and technology: virtually any company that is involved with digital marketing is dealing in a form of martech. The key focus is the same: martech allows marketers to make difficult processes easier, by measuring the real-time impact of their activities and driving more efficient advertising spending.


With all these analytics, management, customer engagement tools at our disposal, it can be very challenging to figure out which ones are most suitable to grow your business — and when to use them, more importantly. Otherwise, your business will spread itself thinly without producing anything.


Do you need a content management system? Or do you need an email marketing software? Do you have an analytics tool that measures the effectiveness of your social advertising efforts? What tools are using to optimize your content ranking on search engines? How about tools that let you conduct A/B tests to optimize the experience on your software, or business website?


If you’re confused on where to start, you’re not alone. Good news is, we’re here to help find solutions for you.


In order to succeed in the landscape today, it’s essential for you to get a clear understanding of which technologies are most fundamental to your business goals. Wavely is powered by its own set of next-gen martech stack — paired with a team of experts across all disciplines who know how to navigate the waters and make waves of real, measurable growth.


Start thinking now about how you can get your business to harness the latest emerging technologies in marketing, so you can move to the front edge and make the next waves of innovative digital experiences.